Are you tired of losing out on lost rent when a tenant vacates your property ? Now their is a solution.  Tenant Default Coverage offered by AON. This is an excellent solution for the small investor. The marketplace has been in dire need of a product like this for a long time. It is great to see AON step up and take the lead.

With the risk for tenant rent default harder to predict in today’s economy, I am pleased to inform you about Aon Rent Protect. This new insurance plan is designed especially for residential investment property landlords to recoup lost incomes in the event of tenant rent defaults.Aon Rent Protect: Cash flow protection beyond the security depositAon Rent Protect offers replacement rental income so your cash flow is not interrupted while a new tenant is being secured. The plan also provides assistance with legal expenses, such as attorney fees to help you through the eviction process.For specific coverage details, eligibility, rates, and access to Aon Rent Protect’s online application, please use this web link:  AON RENT PROTECT PROGRAM.

With the release of this new product, there’s no reason to worry about a financial nightmare from tenant rent defaults anymore.

 AON Rent Protect


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