Thousand Oaks, Ca  – 04/07/2011 – Local real estate broker, Jeff Smith  of Presidio Real Estate Services, recently completed his Pre-Foreclosure Mastery Certification, or PSC, training and announced his intent to make Presidio Real Estate Services a resource for Ventura County -area homeowners in distress. This groundbreaking certification is the first homeowner-centric  designation specifically aimed at avoiding foreclosure and completing a short sale. A short sale is when a lender agrees to take a loss on a particular property loan, allowing the homeowner and borrower a dignified way out and getting a new homeowner into the house, as opposed to foreclosing on the property and having it sit vacant for months.

 “I obtained this certification with the community in mind,” Smith said. “When faced with a possible foreclosure, I’ve seen too many homeowners make poor choices, even walking away from their homes without so much as attempting to contact their lender or real estate broker. These people had no idea about the options available to them.”

 “I want to help the people of Ventura County make informed decisions about what to do when in foreclosure or behind on one’s mortgage.” Presidio Real Estate Services has established a relationship with local CPA Andrew Smith of the firm Smith & Wooten and local Attorney David Quintana to provide homeowners access to the resources they need. 

Jeff Smith of Presidio Real Estate Services is the latest certified agent with PartnerFirst’s PSC Master designation, which is sweeping the country and making real estate agents everywhere a vital resource to their community and homeowners. Son Nguyen, co-founder and COO of PartnerFirst, based in Corona, California, said that too many homeowners in foreclosure or behind on their mortgage payments are moving forward without assistance of any kind. 

“PSC Certified Broker’s are helping distressed homeowners understand that there are alternatives to foreclosure,” Nguyen said. “Jeff Smith  has been trained to help homeowners avoid foreclosure with a full host of options, advanced training, and a homeowner-first method that will make him a vital resource to their community.” 

Mr. Smith also holds the SFR designation(Short Sale Foreclosure Resource) endorsed by  the National Association Of Realtors 

The PSC designation provides real-estate professionals with the latest in cutting-edge training on everything regarding short sales, including the most up-to-date information on government legislation such as HAMP and HAFA as well as advanced negotiating and marketing techniques. PSCs are quickly becoming an important fixture in any community where foreclosure is looming over homeowners. 

For more information on the PSC designation and PartnerFirst, visit or visit to arrange for a free consultation.

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