We continue to see more and more disputes between Landlords and Tenants when it comes time to refund the security deposit. I would like to piybt out a few things both parties can do to avoid common problems

Tenant Tips

1. When you move out have the home professionally cleaned. Hire a crew to do the windows, carpets, and all other areas of the home. Keep all the receipts and provide them to the owner at move out.

2. If there are any items that are damaged or not in the best working order, let the property owner know before you move out. If it is something you broke, try to get an estimate or have it repaired before you leave.

3. Close your utility accounts and pay all your utility bills.

4. Be honest with the owner or property manager.

5. Make sure you document the condition of the property at move-in and keep a copy for when you move out. Take pictures when you move in and when you leave. If you need to dispute something pictures can come in handy.

6. Return all keys, door openers, and any other items the morning of your last day at the property.

When you are renting a home from a private individual the security deposit is usually a substantial sum of money. Sometimes as much as two months rent. It would make sense for tenants to try an protect this by returning the property in a condition better than when they received it. This is also a common courtesy.

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