Winterizing Maintenance Guide for Ventura County Property 

 We all know how severe our winter conditions are here in Ventura County!  Fortunately, my A-frame at Channel Islands Harbor has that steep pitched roof for the snow and ice to slide right off…wink, wink. But with the season change, it is a good time to address some home maintenance tasks to prevent future costly repairs.  Attention to these things will also save energy and keep all your home’s systems running smoothly.  So where do you begin?  The following should be on your radar for attention. 

HVAC – Make sure your furnace is ready for cold weather. Check the filters and replace if dirty.  Schedule an annual maintenance appointment; the technician will check all fuel connections, burner combustion and the heat exchanger.  You should inspect floor registers and return ducts; clean and vacuum them.

Roof and Gutters – Clear all debris and note any structural issues that might interfere with drainage. Inspect the shingles and flashing. Seal cracks and holes in the flashing with roofing cement.  If you have damaged or missing shingles and flashing, call a roofing contractor to obtain estimate for repair.

Drainage Systems – Remove debris and inspect for blockages; test drains with hose and watch for signs of pooling water. If there are issues contact a landscape contractor to restore good drainage.

Landscaping – Trees and shrubs can be destructive to your home, they trap moisture near the house, scrape surfaces when wind blows and drop branches that can severely damage.  Prune them so that they are separated from the home’s exterior and overhanging branches are away from the roof structure.  You should keep all plantings 3 feet away from stucco sidings that go to ground level as the watering of those plants will wick in to the stucco.

Inside and Out – Do a visual of all doors and windows; check for gaps and caulk them.  Open doors and check the condition of the weatherstripping.  If old or crumbling, remove and replace the weatherstripping to assure no drafty doors.  Drafty electrical outlets can be remedied with thin foam pads from hardware stores placed behind the cover-plate.  And remember to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms!

Routinely performing these tasks will extend the life of your home, prevent water damage, save energy and insure a comfy, cozy winter.  Get started on them now and when you’re done, grab a cup of cocoa, get your spot on the couch, turn on the weather channel and watch that Wyoming blizzard in HD.  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 


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