Moorpark  has slowly been transforming itself from a rural farming town to a beautiful city with an urban and rural feel. Moorpark has a variety of rental housing options.  There are single family homes, large horse properties, small ranches, large estates, and a mix of apartments and townhomes.  The average price of a typical single family rental home is about $2700 per month, but ranges from $1650-3400 monthly.  Demand is typically high and there is usually a limited supply of homes  for rent at any given time. This is why Moorpark rental properties typically demand rents similiar to that of homes in the Conejo Valley and higher than in Simi Valley.

Our property management team is very familiar with the issues that Moorpark landlords face.  Up until recently, The City of Moorpark  charged rental property owners a one time rental permit fee of around $300. They would inspect the property prior to occupancy and have owners correct any faulty items the inspector  found. The city wanted  to ensure property owners offered quality rental housing. Landlords typically pay an annual renewal fee of about $100.

Presidio Real Estate Services offers several different property management programs Moorpark homeowners can choose from. All of our programs are designed to help you maximize cash flow and improve the quality of tenants that occupy your property.  Our property management programs are cost effective and easy to implement.  Contact us today to see what our team can to help you.

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