Homes for Sale in Camarillo for the past year have confirmed that the Camarillo Real Estate Market is on the upswing! Camarillo Median Home Prices did significantly better than Ventura County over-all, and Ventura County did well in this category. The National Association of Realtors reports the median estimated Home Value in September of 2013 was $497,090, up a remarkable 17.64% over the previous 12 months. Ventura County’s estimated median Home Value was $449,500. This gain can be attributed to the low interest rate environment driving demand for Buyers and the low inventory caused by decreasing listing volume that has been seen over this past year. A year previous to last September there were over 500 listings on the Housing Market as opposed to only about 380 listings September 2013. A good indicator of the health of the Housing Market is that the Median Days on Market before being sold is down to 88 days for Camarillo; this is an 81% reduction from 12 months ago.

Supporting the revival of Camarillo Home Sales is the relatively low level of unemployment. Camarillo’s unemployment rate has been significantly lower than the State and Ventura County over all. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from July 2012 to the end of 2013, unemployment has gone from 6.8% to just over 5%. The County of Ventura and the State of California have been at 9.3% and 10.9% to 7.2% and 8.2% respectivley over the same time frame.

With the apparent lessening of cash Investors in the Housing Marketplace, Buyers can look forward to having a more competative position when trying to purchase. Add the desirability of the quality of life in Camarillo and Sellers can be confident of a robust Buyer pool seeking their Property. For a free Property report and brokers opinion of your Home, contact Presidio at or call (805) 499-7300. 


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