Camarillo is an attractive and highly sought-after community to live in, I know as I spent most of my formative years living there.  It was and still is, a great place to grow up in.  On top of that, the real estate market for Camarillo has been a little more stable through recent economic conditions and the rental market is commanding excellent rents.  As an owner of investment property, you understand how critical it is to procure and retain a quality tenant at the highest market rate. It takes on average over 30 hours of time to lease a property.  Getting the property into show condition, showing, screening, selecting and then maintaining the relationship and the property…it’s a lot of work!  Being the landlord isn’t for sissies.


Our name, Presidio Rental Solutions, is indicative of what we provide, a solution.  And by solution we mean relieving your work burden and instilling peace of mind.  It is our priority to lease your property with the most suitable and stable tenant.  We attract that pool of tenant prospects through our marketing efforts which includes listing the property on the multiple listing service(MLS), thus attracting all members to submit qualified applicants and we pay outside agents if they bring the accepted tenant.  We also place the listing on our own website and that site, along with the MLS pushes out the listing to approximately 40 other sites.  This creates a healthy stream of potential tenants for screening.


 To obtain the most qualified and longest term tenant for all of our clients, we do a very thorough vetting of the applicant’s credit history, criminal and background check, eviction history, verification of assets, income, employment and references; all this and judgment of character by personal meeting during showings of the property.  This gives a level of confidence to recommend the applicant for owners approval.  Our knowledge of the marketplace and current trends in the market allows us to determine the highest market rate rent.


We are confident you will find no other firm with the overall knowledge and expertise in regards to investment property management. Use our resources and expertise to quickly lease your property.  You will have peace of mind knowing you have a well-qualified tenant as well as our advice and guidance. Our programs are easy to implement and can be structured to fit any owner’s needs. 


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