For Investors

Presidio Real Estate Services provides Real Estate investors with insight and knowledge they need to succeed in today's real estate investment game. Our team of local agents will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan.  If you are planning on investing in real estate you need to have a great team on your side. We deal with investment properties every day. Let us help you.

Forecloure or Trustee Sale Purchasing Services 

  • Comprehensive Bid Analysis
  • Repair Estimates
  • Title Check
  • Rental Rate Analysis
  • Rehab Report
  • Flip or Hold Analysis
  • Daily Property Lists
  • Auction and Opening Bid Alerts
  • Local Foreclosure Comps
  • Local Market Comps
  • Rental Market Inventory Reports and Trends
  • Partner Allocation Models

We will walk you through the entire purchase process. Once you have purchased the property and made the desired repairs Presidio will help you sell or rent the property quickly. Wouldn't it be great to have a tenant or buyer in place before you have completed your improvements. We can help. We have a large tenant and prospective buyer database.

We use state of the art software to analyze the numbers behind the investments. We will track all phases of your project from start to finish. Review our sample reports below.

Sample Property Flip Analysis

Long Term Holding Analysis